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If a dysfunctional dryer is chasing you into the arms of a laundromat, stay put and call (732) 639-5509 today!

Imagine pulling your clothes out of the dryer just to wonder if you accidentally pulled them out of the washer instead. As it turns out, your dryer is on the fritz. Now, you have to find a spot to hang your dripping clothes where they can dry out without swamping your home.

Don’t let this household nightmare turn into your new reality. Call our for expert appliance repairs in Middletown NJ and get a free estimate on quality dryer repair. We’ll have our top technicians examine and remedy the issue within one brief visit.

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What You Should Check Before Calling

If you put a new soaking load of laundry into your dryer, but the dryer is refusing to turn on, check the breaker. If your dryer requires a lot of electricity, the breaker may have short-circuited or tripped. You should also check the power cord behind your machine to ensure it’s plugged in and unbroken.

Other indications of a circuit breaker problem are that:

  •  The dryer is powering on, but there’s not enough heat release.
  •  The circuit overloads with an unusually higher current draw. 
  • You have to reset the circuit breaker for the dryer to function.

Common Issues with Dryers

However, if you or an electrician have found nothing alarming with your circuit breaker, you may need a dryer repair. First off, a faulty belt can lead to your dryer drum not spinning. When this occurs, the heating component and the motor are still functioning, but the clothes heat unevenly.

A damaged thermostat also causes the drum not to spin. If it’s giving false readings or none at all, it won’t send the correct signals to the dryer, and the dryer won’t run.

Other causes for dryer repairs include:

  •  A lack of heating power, also caused by a broken thermostat
  •  The dryer’s inability to head due to a blown thermal fuse
  •  A flawed roller or motor, which can prevent the drum from spinning or shut down the entire system
  •  Breaks in the metal heating coils, which can affect the heating element
  •  An overheating dryer that can burn out or start a fire A burning smell or extended drying time, indicating a clogged vent

How Our Middletown NJ Dryer Repair & Service Can Help!

When your dryer isn’t functioning to its full potential, it’s easy to get steamed! The simplest of problems can leave your machine ineffective and leave you looking for alternatives. Rather than give up and look for a new washer/dryer combo or race to your neighborhood laundromat, count on our professionals.

At Middletown Appliance Repair & Service, we pride ourselves on delivering years of quality appliance services. Our technicians have the knowledge to uncover any problems, the experience to deal with these problems accordingly, and state-of-the-art tools to match.

If you’re looking for dryer repair assistance in Middletown NJ, look no further than Middletown Appliance Repair & Service. Let us show you what we can do for you when you call (732) 639-5509 today!

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