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Our Appliance Services

Appliance Services from Experienced Professionals

High-quality services don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. Middletown Appliance Repair & Service provides exceptional appliance repair services at a price that won’t break the bank. Our priority is fixing your appliances quickly and efficiently. We provide honest and upfront quotes, so you know what to expect.

two men fixing a refrigerator in a home a kitchen

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repair is essential to protect your family’s food. We can repair any style or brand same-day, so you don’t have to throw away or waste food.

appliance tech fixing a washing machine

Washing Machine Repair

You can avoid a trip to your local laundromat by letting Middletown Appliance Repair & Service provide a fast and effective repair. Our professionals service both electric and gas clothing dryers.

repairman fixing a dishwasher

Dishwasher Repair

Whether your dishwasher is leaking or simply doesn’t work, Middletown Appliance Repair & Service can provide an effective repair and make it like new.

repairman working on fixing a dryer

Dryer Repair

Refrigerator repair is essential to protect your family’s food. We can repair any style or brand same-day, so you don’t have to throw away or waste food.

toolkit on countertop used for fixing oven

Oven Repair

Whether you use it every day or just for occasional dinners, having a functional oven is critical for every Middletown home. Middletown Appliance Repair & Service can repair any oven brand quickly so you can get back to cooking delicious meals.

kitchen sink garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Repair

When your garbage disposal breaks, it can cause unpleasant odors and make it difficult to clean your kitchen. Our experts know how to fix the various components of a residential garbage

repairing a stove top range  appliance in home

Stove & Range Repair

Don’t place fixing your stove or range on the back burner. Call Middletown Appliance Repair & Service for assistance today!

oven hood range repair in kitchen

Vent Hood Repair

A qualified vent hood appliance technician like Middletown Appliance Repair & Service can identify the problem quickly.

wine refrigerator cooler repair

Wine Cooler Repair

In Middletown NJ, one of the top choices for these specialist repairs is Middletown Appliance Repair & Service—we have all of the above to offer and more.

fixing a broken ice machine maker

Ice Maker Repair

An ice maker or ice machine repair team like Middletown Appliance Repair & Service has years of experience with every ice maker brand and model.

trash compactor repair

Trash Compactor

Our skilled technicians can have any trash compactor up and running quickly in Middletown NJ, no matter what you need.

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Middletown Appliance Repair & Service is your source for high-quality appliance repair in Middletown NJ. Our team always makes you their number one priority and will do everything in their power to ensure your satisfaction.

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